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ERP Application Development

An Enterprise resource planner is business management software that integrates all your core business processes into a single application. An ERP system centralizes and streamlines the operations of your organization, enabling a seamless binding between people, process and technology.

Odoo Customisation

Odoo(Previously OpenERP) - an opensource suite of ERP business application is one of the most used opensource ERP solutions in the world today. Owing to its flexibility, ease of learning and customizability, Odoo has grown to occupy a top position among the list of preferred opensource ERP solutions in a variety of verticals and domains. One of the main advantages with using opensource ERP soutions is that you get to have your solution customized to fit your business flow and to suit your established processes and models. The idea would be to streamline, improve and increase productivity from the existing processes rather than delve into the ardent task of introducing an all-new system to serve the purpose of living with a proprietary solution.We do all sorts of Odoo customization. Odoo is based on the opensource AGPL v3 license as from version 6.0 and has a dedicated community working around scaling the system to introduce features/integrations/modules. All modules are necessarily licensed under the AGPL, while there are provisions to build private modules on Odoo Enterprise version for your internal needs. Odoo is built on Python with database in PostgreSQL.

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